2004 Dai Nationality Zhu Tong Xiang Cha 竹筒香茶 (Bamboo)

Name: Dai Nationality Bamboo Tea

Source:  Direct from CTYI&E (China Tushu Yunan Import and Export Corp.)

Type:  Uncooked (Sheng/Green) Bamboo Pu’er

Vintage: 2004

Weight: 100g each, including bamboo; about 53 grams each w/out bamboo

Quantity: 18

Date Arrived in Far Wenwa:  6/11/05

Description: Tea leaves in remote areas compressed into bamboo and roasted over a fire.  The white flecks in the photos are NOT mold; it is bamboo residue.  This aged zhu tong xiang is delicious. I am drinking it now, and the taste profile  comes forward with notes of  citrus and hay.  The tea is mellow and very smooth.  Very nice finish–pleasant aftertaste. Easy to love this!

Price:  $14.99

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