1999 Yun Nan Half-Cooked Zhuan Cha

1999 Yun Nan Half-Cooked Zhuan Cha

Arrived in Far Wenwa:  12/5/04

Sheng/Shu:  Half-Cooked Shu Zhuan Cha (Rectangular Brick)

Factory: Yun Nan Tea Factory

Weight: +/- 250 grams each

Available: 3 bricks

Description: These beautiful, aged bricks are seventeen years old.  A noted tea master in China told me these bricks are “half cooked and half raw.”  Perhaps that means a mixture of raw and cooked leaves, but more likely it means the tea is less than fully fermented, allowing it to age more than it would as fully fermented shu.  Because this tea is growing older, the wrappers are brittle and a little torn, but what’s inside improves.  Perhaps all of us are like that.

Price: $68.00


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